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Table 1 Pesticides with neurotoxic properties used for the crops identified from land use map in the study area (I = insecticides; H = herbicides; F = fungicides)

From: Pesticide exposure assessed through agricultural crop proximity and risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Crops Pesticides
Vineyards organophosphates (I/H); triazoles (F); phenilamides (F)
Orchards organophosphates (I/H); triazoles (F); phenilamides (F); neonicotinoids (I)
Citrus orchards organophosphates (I/H); neonicotinoids (I);
Arable crops 2,4D (H); MCPA (H); dicamba (H); azatrine (H); pyrethroids (I); glyphosate (H)
Vegetables crops neonicotinoids (I); pyrethroids (I); phenilamides (F)
Olive groves organophosphates (I/H); neonicotinoids (I); glyphosate (H)