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Table 3 Assessment of risk of bias in included studies

From: Psychosocial and demographic predictors of adherence and non-adherence to health advice accompanying air quality warning systems: a systematic review

Author Selection bias Detection bias Reporting bias Other sources of bias
Evans et al. [26] L M M L
Hartill [24] H M H H
Johnson [27] M M H L
Johnson [28] M M M L
Kentucky Health Issues Poll [34] H M H L
Kilbane-Dawe et al. [35] H M H L
Licskai et al. [39] H H H H
Lyons et al. [36] L L L L
Mak, et al. [43] H M H L
Mansfield et al. [33] L M M L
Laube [38] M M M H
McDermott et al. [25] H M H L
Radisic, et al. [41] (qualitative) M L L L
Radisic et al. [40] M M H L
Reams et al. [29] H H H M
Semenza et al. [30] M M H L
Skov et al. [15] L M H L
Smallbone [37] H M H L
Stieb et al. [42] M H H L
Sugerman et al. [31] L M M L
Wen et al. [32] M M L L
  1. H high risk of bias, M moderate risk of bias, L low risk of bias, N/A not applicable