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Table 4 The literatures in the meta-analysis

From: Representative survey on idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields in Taiwan and comparison with the international literature

Reference Survey year Method Country/region IEI-EMF definition Case/population
Schröttner et al., 2008 [19] 1994 NA Austria NA 4/200
NA Telephone survey Persons were classified as EHS if they reported adverse health effects from EMF sources. 16/526
Hillert et al., 2002 [15] 1997 Mailed questionnaire Sweden/Stockholm The respondents were asked to check all factors for which they were hypersensitive or allergic such as electric or magnetic fields. 167/10605
Levallois et al., 2002 [12] 1998 Telephone survey USA/California “Allergic or very sensitive to getting near electrical appliances, computers or power lines.” 68/2072
Schroeder et al., 2002 [32] 2001 Telephone survey Germany Questionnaire: “Are you worried about the electromagnetic fields emanating from mobile phone systems, cell phones or cordless phones, or are you even affected by these fields in your health?” 120/2000
Korpinen et al., 2009 [30] 2002 Telephone survey Finland Self- reported physical symptoms associated with using mobile phones and other electrical devices. 44/6111
Blettner et al., 2009 [25] 2004 Mailed questionnaire Germany Whether the participants believe that their health is adversely affected by mobile phone base stations. 3095/30047
Schreier et al., 2006 [13] 2004 Telephone survey Switzerland Persons were classified as EHS individuals if they reported adverse health effects from an EMF source at the time of the interview or anytime in the past. 107/2048
Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaft GmbH (INFAS), 2006 [23] 2003 Telephone survey Germany Questionnaire: “Degree of anxiety and impairment due to electromagnetic fields of mobile radio, referring to different sources of electromagnetic fields, types of impairment.” 200/2500
2004 225/2500
2005 250/2502
2006 225 /2500
Lauff & Wachenfeld, 2014 [22] 2009 250/2500
2013 181/2500
Tseng et al., 2011 [14] 2007 Telephone survey Taiwan “While being near EMF sources such as mobile phone, electrical devices, or computer, will you feel allergic or sensitive?” 170/1278
Röösli et al., 2010 [28] 2008 Web-based questionnaire Switzerland “Are you electrohypersensitive?” 96/1122
2009 86/1122
van Dongen et al., 2014 [29] 2009–2010 Web-based questionn Netherlands/Amsterdam “Do you believe you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields?” 72/1009
Nordin et al., 2013 [27] 2010 Mailed questionnaire Sweden/Västerbotten The responders self-reported of having been diagnosed as IEI-EMF by a physician. 15/3406
Baliatsas et al., 2014 [31] 2011 Mailed questionnaire Netherlands “I am sensitive to mobile phone base stations and devices related to communication systems”; “I am sensitive to electrical devices.” 202/5789
Eltiti et al., 2007 [26] NA Mailed questionnaire United Kingdom “Are you sensitive to EMFs?” 145/3625
Current 2012–2013 Telephone survey Taiwan “While being near EMF sources such as mobile phone, electrical devices, or computer, will you feel allergic or sensitive?” 155/3303
  1. NA: not available