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Fig. 7

From: Transgenerational effects of polychlorinated biphenyls: 1. Development and physiology across 3 generations of rats

Fig. 7

Serum hormone concentrations are shown in adult (~P60) female and male rats across the three generations for estradiol (a), progesterone (b), testosterone (c), and corticosterone (d). Note that serum progesterone concentrations are shown on different y-axes for the sexes; estradiol and corticosterone are plotted on the same y-axis scale for both sexes. To more easily visualize data, yellow shading shows results from females, and blue from males. Data were analyzed by univariate one-way ANOVAs. In cases of significantly different main effects of treatment between groups (p < 0.05), specific differences for each time point have been resolved by Tukey’s post-hoc comparisons. Abbreviations: MAT, maternal; PAT, paternal

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