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Table 1 List of citations for UOG air papers

From: Exploring the endocrine activity of air pollutants associated with unconventional oil and gas extraction

Author Title Sampling Location (Geologic Formation)
Brantley, HL. et al., 2015 [70] Assessment of volatile organic compound and hazardous air pollutant emissions from oil and natural gas well pads using mobile remote and on-site direct measurements Denver-Julesburg
Colborn, T. et al., 2014 [1] An exploratory study of air quality near natural gas operations Piceance
Eapi, GR. et al., 2014 [71] Mobile measurement of methane and hydrogen sulfide at natural gas production site fence lines in the Texas Barnett Shale Barnett
Eisele, AP. et al., 2016 [72] Volatile organic compounds at two oil and natural gas production well pads in Colorado and Texas using passive samplers Barnett; Denver-Julesburg
Esswein, EJ. et al., 2014 [73] Evaluation of some potential chemical exposure risks during flowback operations in unconventional oil and gas extraction: Preliminary results Denver-Julesburg; Green River; Piceance
Field, RA. et al., 2015 [20] Influence of oil and gas field operations on spatial and temporal distributions of atmospheric non-methane hydrocarbons and their effect on ozone formation in winter Green River
Field, RA. et al., 2015 [74] Distributions of air pollutants associated with oil and natural gas development measured in the Upper Green River Basin of Wyoming Green River
Gilman, JB. et al., 2013 [2] Source signature of volatile organic compounds from oil and natural gas operations in northeastern Colorado Denver-Julesburg
Goetz, JD. et al., 2015 [75] Atmospheric emission characterization of Marcellus Shale natural gas development sites Marcellus
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Lan, X. et al., 2015 [78] Atmospheric Mercury in the Barnett Shale Area, Texas: Implications for emissions from oil and gas processing Barnett
Lee, L. et al., 2015 [79] Particulate organic nitrates observed in an oil and natural gas production region during wintertime Uintah
Li, C. et al., 2016 [80] Satellite observation of pollutant emissions from gas flaring activities near the Arctic Bakken
Li, R. et al., 2014 [81] Measurements of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using PTR-MS: Calibration, humidity dependence, inter-comparison and results from field studies in an oil and gas production region Uintah
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