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Table 2 Thematic summary of survey general comments

From: Swimmer’s itch in Canada: a look at the past and a survey of the present to plan for the future

Codes and Themes Code and Theme Counts   Subtheme Counts
Seeking information about swimmer’s itch 11   
  wants an effective remedy/prevention 5
  other 6
Desires swimmer’s itch warning 53
  generally someone should post warnings 18
  local authorities should post information 14
  signs should be posted at the beach 15
  website should warn people 5
  other 1
Providing more information 232
  clarification on other survey answers 17
  describing personal awareness or lack thereof 42
   Subthemes   unaware previous to report 22
aware but not expecting it 12
expects to know through warning system 13
other 2
  describing the situation 163   
   Subthemes   description of who got it 63
severity 57
location 45
timing 40
signs or lack thereof 27
environment 4
prevention methods 9
area of body affected 14
animals seen 2
signs or lack thereof 30
other 90
  giving anecdotal advice 16   
   Subthemes   swimming location and water quality 8
methods for prevention and treatment 8
  personal history of swimmer’s itch 49   
   Subthemes   had it previously 26
first time with itch at this lake 21
sensitive to swimmer’s itch 7
other 2
Providing opinion 66   
  appreciation for our website 15
  concerned about children 9
  may have to see a doctor 5
  mistrust/fear 6
  wish there were showers/facilities 6
  other 26