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Table 2 Epigenetic complexes represented by upregulated genes in arsenic-exposed male fetal placenta

From: Prenatal arsenic exposure alters the placental expression of multiple epigenetic regulators in a sex-dependent manner

Complex Components upregulated in male placenta Function References
SWI/SNF_BRM-BRG PBRM1, BRD7, SMARCA4 ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling [19]
COMPASS-like MLL3, 4 KMT2D, KMT2C, KDM6A H3K4 methylation and H3K27 demethylation [19]
SWI/SNF_BRM SMARCA4, HDAC2, HDAC1 ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling (by homology) UniProt, [19]
NuA4-related SRCAP, EP400, BRD8 Histone H4 and H2A acetylation (by homology) UniProt, [20, 21]
  1. The EpiFactors database [18] was used to identify epigenetic regulatory complexes, the expression of whose components in male fetal placenta was positively associated with U-As. Complexes containing three U-As-associated genes are shown