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Table 1 Total Agricultural Pesticides Used in the USA and Banned in the EU, Brazil or China

From: The USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticides

  Lbs. Pesticides Used in USA Agriculture % of Total
Total 1,200,587,514 100
Banned in EU 322,597,233 26.9
Banned in CHN 40,014,277 3.3
Banned in BRA 25,843,457 2.2
Banned in at Least 1 327,817,174 27.3
Banned in at Least 2 45,960,605 3.8
Banned in All 3 14,677,188 1.2
Banned, Not Approved or Unknown in All 3 133,711,048 11.1
  1. The total pounds (lbs.) of pesticides used in agricultural applications in the USA in 2016 categorized by where they are banned or being phased out. The last row indicates pesticides that are banned, not approved or of unknown status in the European Union (EU), China (CHN) and Brazil (BRA)