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Table 2 The association between CYP1A1hypomethylation and high 8-OHdG among 500 occupational workers

From: CYP1A1 methylation mediates the effect of smoking and occupational polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons co-exposure on oxidative DNA damage among Chinese coke-oven workers

CYP1A1 methylationnCrude OR (95%CI)Adjusted ORa (95%CI)
Tertile1 (≤ 2.07)1661.66 (1.08–2.57)1.58 (1.01–2.47)
Tertile2 (2.07–3.81)1681.24 (0.81–1.91)1.24 (0.79–1.92)
Tertile3 (>  3.82)1661.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
P for trend 0.0210.046
  1. aMultiple logistic regression with adjusted for sex, age, years of working, drinking status, education and central heating