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Table 3 Four MMTVT cases from the Apulia mesothelioma register

From: Asbestos exposure and malignant mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testis: a systematic review and the experience of the Apulia (southern Italy) mesothelioma register

Case numberYear of diagnosisAge yearsClinical diagnosisHistological diagnosisIHCSurvival monthsExposure reliable professionalDuration of exposure Years- calendar yearsLatency years
1200675CATmm epithelioid with papillary tubule aspectsCalretinine+++, HBME1+++141foundry worker4 (1960-63)46
2200977CAT ecocolordopplermm epithelioid with papillary and microcystic aspectsCalretinine +++,CK AE1/AE3+++, vimentine+++, WT1 (80%) KI67(8%) nuclear grade 2, IM:3x10HPF2asbestos cement worker21 (1964-85)45
3200978CAT ecocolordopplermm epithelioid papillary tubule growth pattern solid and focally clear cell presence psammomatous bodiesCalretinine +++, CK AE1/AE3+++,EMA +++, HMBE1 +++, WT1+++ > 25% nuclear grade 2,3 IM:5x10HPF40naval machinist3 (1951-53)58
4201863CATmm epithelioid papillary (70%) and solid (30%) tubule growth patternCalretinine +++,CK AE1/AE3+++,HMBE1 +++, WT1(90%)KI67 10% papillary tubulum component and 40% solid component3bricklayer cutting plates eternit and trucker14 (1977-90)41