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Table 2 Case examples of industry efforts to influence glyphosate regulations [48]

From: How can the integrity of occupational and environmental health research be maintained in the presence of conflicting interests?

Applied measures to misinterprete science
• Ghost-written research papers that assert glyphosate safety [35]
• Provided alternative interpretations of positive studies
• Used least statistically powerful tests on submitted research
• Developed a network of scientists to push glyphosate safety and attack IARC
• Used public relations teams and others to increase political activity and to attack the messenger (IARC, scientists, journalists, etc.)
• Provided EPA “talking points” about IARC classification
• Challenged two members of EPA’s SAP and one was removed
• Enlisted EPA to block ATSDR review of glyphosate that they were worried would agree with IARC.
• Drafted original Renewal Assessment Report for EFSA
• Exploited close relationships with journals, journalists and some regulatory staff