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Table 1 Demographic details of the study cohort

From: Transcriptome-wide analysis of changes in the fetal placenta associated with prenatal arsenic exposure in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

High exposureLow exposureHigh exposureLow exposure
Number of pregnant women11121211312
Gestational age (wks)39.76 (1.1)39.88 (1.0)38.95 (1.5)39.41 (1.6)39.4 (1.5)
Maternal age at enrollment (yrs)31.73 (4.3)31.25 (4.5)30.23 (5.5)30.72 (3.0)31.8 (4.8)
Number ever smoked during pregnancy0 (0)a0 (0)a0 (0)a3 (27.3)a18 (5.8)a
Infant birth weight (kg)3.43 (0.6)3.49 (0.4)3.21 (0.6)3.19 (0.4)3.4 (0.5)
Total urinary arsenic (U-As, μg/L)21.04 (25.6)b0.67 (0.3)b13.81 (8.9)b0.74 (0.2)b3.7 (4.1)b
  1. Values are presented as means (SD), anumber (%), or bmedian (interquartile range)