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Table 2 Curvature in exposure response of absolute risk of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) with ultraviolet radiation (UVR) cumulative radiant exposure, using AVGLO and NASA TOMS measures of UVR among 63,912 white technologistsc

From: Cumulative solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and basal cell carcinoma of the skin in a nationwide US cohort using satellite and ground-based measures

ModelLinear excess absolute risk per MJ/cm2 per 104 person year (+ 95% CI)Quadratic excess absolute risk per [MJ/cm2]2 per 104 person year (+ 95% CI)p-valueAIC
 Linear8.48 (5.22, 11.1) < 0.001a11,926.4
 Linear-quadratic−0.11 (−5.17, 4.59)13.06 (7.15, 18.9)< 0.001b11,910.2
 Linear10.15 (6.67, 13.1) < 0.001a11,920.7
 Linear-quadratic3.34 (−2.91, 8.54)10.1 (4.00, 16.3)0.001b11,912.1
  1. atest for departure of UVR linear exposure-response from null
  2. btest for departure of UVR linear-quadratic exposure-response from linearity
  3. cAll analysis used linear-quadratic model (S1’) with adjustment to the baseline BCC rate for baseline questionnaire, ln [age], birth year, [birth year]2, [birth year]3, [birth year]4, [birth year]5