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Table 2 Logistic regression analysis of the effect of meteorological variables on the pregnancy probability (pregnancy vs. non-pregnancy)

From: The effects of daily meteorological perturbation on pregnancy outcome: follow-up of a cohort of young women undergoing IVF treatment

VariableuOR (CI)P for uORaOR (CI)P for aOR
Mean temperature (°C)
 CYCL to OR1.04(1.01–1.07)0.011.04(1.01–1.07)0.01
 OR to ER1.02(0.99–1.05)NS1.02(0.99–1.05)NS
Mean humidity (%)
 CYCL to OR1.01(0.99–1.04)NS1.01(0.99–1.04)NS
 OR to ER1.00(0.98–1.01)NS1.00(0.98–1.01)NS
Mean sunshine (h)
 CYCL to OR1.04(0.95–1.14)NS1.05(0.95–1.15)NS
 OR to ER1.00(0.95–1.05)NS0.99(0.95–1.05)NS
Mean solar radiation (terajoules/square meter)
 CYCL to OR1.03(0.98–1.07)NS1.02(0.98–1.06)NS
 OR to ER1.01(0.99–1.04)NS1.01(0.98–1.04)NS
  1. uOR Unadjusted odds ratio
  2. aOR Odds ratio after adjusting age, fertilization method, year of the cycle, gonadotropin dose and the grading of the transferred embryo
  3. CI Confidence interval
  4. NS Non-significant