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Fig. 1

From: Low-moderate arsenic exposure and respiratory in American Indian communities in the Strong Heart Study

Fig. 1

Dose-Response Relationship of Fixed Airflow Obstruction and Restrictive Pattern with Urinary Arsenic Concentrations. Solid lines and shaded areas surrounding the lines represent the weighted odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals of airflow obstruction (upper panels) and restrictive pattern (lower panels). Models were conducted in the total study sample (left panels), stratified by sex (middle panels), and stratified by smoking status (right panels). These models were adjusted for age, sex (except models stratified by sex), education, study site, smoking status (except models stratified by smoking status), smoking pack-year, eGFR, tuberculosis and BMI. Histograms in the background and right Y axis represent the distribution of urinary arsenic. The histograms were truncated by excluding 10 participants with urine arsenic concentrations above 65 μg/g of creatinine

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