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Table 3 Associations between skincare product use and incidence of ER+ and ER- breast cancer

From: Use of skincare products and risk of cancer of the breast and endometrium: a prospective cohort study

   ER + breast cancera   ER- breast cancerb  
User group of skincare productsnCancer casesAge-adjusted HR (95% CI)Multivariable HR (95% CI)nCancer casesAge-adjusted HR (95% CI)Multivariable HR (95% CI)pheterogeneityc
Non−/light users33,3098831.001.0035,0901571.001.00 
Moderate users22,4115850.98 (0.88,1.08)0.98 (0.89,1.09)23,475920.89 (0.69,1.15)0.91 (0.7,1.18)0.58
Frequent/heavy users35,7849480.99 (0.90,1.09)0.99 (0.90,1.08)37,8961590.95 (0.76,1.19)0.99 (0.79,1.23)0.99
  1. HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval; ER: estrogen receptor
  2. aMultivariable adjusted for body mass index, smoking, age at first birth and parity combined, alcohol intake, physical activity, menopausal status, maternal breast cancer history and use of menopause hormone therapy
  3. bMultivariable adjusted for physical activity and maternal breast cancer history
  4. cTest of difference in effect by breast cancer subtypes