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Table 2 Associations between a summary score of indoor environmental quality problems and different symptom scores of primary and secondary school pupils reported in general and in relation to the school environment

From: Associations between indoor environmental quality in schools and symptom reporting in pupil-administered questionnaires

Symptom scoreIn generalaIn relation to schoolb
OR95% CIOR95% CI
3–6 grade pupils (n = 8775)
Respiratory1.041.02 to to 1.10
Lower respiratory1.040.99 to to 1.14
Eye1.010.97 to to 1.07
Skin1.031.00 to to 1.07
General1.031.01 to to 1.07
7–9 grade pupils (n = 3410)
Respiratory1.051.01 to to 1.17
Lower respiratory1.030.99 to to 1.21
Eye1.010.97 to to 1.08
Skin1.010.96 to to 1.19
General1.020.99 to to 1.08
  1. Note. OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence intervals. aSymptoms reported without attribution to the school environment (in general). bSymptoms reported in relation to the school environment. IEQ summary score (ranged 0–10) is used as a continuous variable
  2. All analyses were adjusted for pupils’ age, sex, asthma, hay fever, atopic rash, parental smoking, and attending Swedish-speaking school. Separate models were tested for each symptom score. Results highlighted in bold are statistically significant at p<0.05