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Table 2 Summary Statistics of the Main Variables

From: The impact of PM2.5 on mortality in older adults: evidence from retirement of coal-fired power plants in the United States

 Full SampleTreated CountiesControl Counties
Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate423.068.99444.468.13420.868.70
Male Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate458.297.15485.796.00455.496.83
Female Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate400.475.74419.472.24398.475.83
Mortality Rate 65–75193.954.82206.454.53192.654.69
Mortality Rate 75+694.3118.5726.5114.2691.0118.4
PM2.5 (μg/m3)12.043.78214.024.05911.843.693
Temperature (°F)59.4616.8959.5315.0859.4517.07
Dew Point (°F)47.8616.3247.7714.7847.8716.47
Barometric Pressure (Hg)29.310.79029.200.41729.320.818
Median Household Income ($1000)41.607.04540.424.70541.727.232
Poverty Rate (%)15.614.08715.814.46615.594.046
Observations8274 770 7504 
  1. Notes: All variables are measured at the county monthly level. We use the age structure in the 2010 Census to calculate the age-adjusted mortality rates. Mortality rate is reported as deaths per 100,000 people