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Table 4 P-values for the Cochran-Armitage trend test and pooled logistic regression analysis for tumors with at least one significant trend test or Fisher’s exact test (p ≤ 0.05) in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats

From: A comprehensive analysis of the animal carcinogenicity data for glyphosate from chronic exposure rodent carcinogenicity studies

TumorIndividual study p-values for trendaCommon TrendHeterogeneity Test
 Testicular Interstitial Cell Tumors0.0090.2960.5800.5940.4610.105
 Pancreas Islet Cell Adenomas0.5120.147 (0.007)c0.9740.8590.8490.143
 Pancreas Islet Cell Carcinomas0.2511.0000.5000.7310.166
 Pancreas Islet Cell Adenomas or Carcinomas0.3160.2060.9740.8440.8750.185
 Thyroid C-cell Adenomas0.7430.0890.2780.6310.2100.532
 Thyroid C-cell Carcinomas0.5050.4420.4950.5650.3220.898
 Thyroid C-cell Adenomas and Carcinomas0.7480.0970.1970.6420.1750.526
 Thyroid Follicular-cell Adenomas0.1220.4080.0670.9660.4640.055
 Thyroid Follicular-cell Carcinomas---b0.2550.4431.0000.4480.137
 Thyroid Follicular-cell Adenoma and Carcinoma0.1220.2320.0990.9860.4460.031
 Hepatocellular Adenomas0.4710.0150.3250.5000.0290.664
 Hepatocellular Carcinomas0.0620.6370.7600.6420.8030.269
 Hepatocellular Adenomas and Carcinomas0.1730.0500.4800.6900.1440.428
 Kidney Adenomas0.9380.8131.0000.0040.0390.002
 Skin Keratoacanthomas---b0.0420.0470.029< 0.0010.998
 Skin Basal Cell Tumors0.2510.2491.0000.004< 0.0010.009
 Thyroid C-cell Adenomas0.6790.0490.2070.9120.2870.150
 Thyroid C-cell Carcinomas0.003 (< 0.001)c0.500---b---b0.3850.041
 Thyroid C-cell Adenomas and Carcinomas0.072 (0.037)c0.0520.2070.9120.2750.071
 Adrenal Cortical Adenoma0.8510.603---b0.6260.7130.750
 Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma0.3860.0150.493---b0.0310.199
 Adrenal Cortical Adenoma and Carcinoma0.8010.0900.4930.6260.1950.520
  1. a – Study G is Lankas [17] (Additional file 2: Table S7), Study H is Stout and Ruecker [18] (Additional file 2: Table S8), Study I is Atkinson et al. [12] (Additional file 2: Table S9) and Study J is Enemoto [20] (Additional file 2: Table S10); b – three dashes “---” indicates all tumor counts are zero; c – using historical control data (see text for details) and Tarone’s test