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Table 6 Summary of level of evidencea for tumors observed to have a significant trend in 13 rodent carcinogenicity studies in male and female, mice and ratsb

From: A comprehensive analysis of the animal carcinogenicity data for glyphosate from chronic exposure rodent carcinogenicity studies

CD-1 MouseSwiss MouseSD RatWistar RatCD-1 MouseSwiss albino mouseSD RatWistar Rat
Adrenal cortical carcinoma      CE 
Adrenal pheochromocytoma       EE
Alviolar-Bronchiolar tumorNE   NE   
Harderian gland tumor    NE   
Hemangioma    CECE  
Kidney tumorCESECE     
Liver adenoma  CECE    
Mammary tumor       SE
Malignant lymphomaCESE  CESE  
Pancreas Islet Cell tumor  EE     
Pituitary adenomas   SE   SE
Skin basal-cell tumor  CE     
Skin keratoacanthoma  CECE    
Thyroid C-cell tumor  EE   EE 
Thyroid follicular-cell tumor  EE     
Testis interstitial-cell Tumor  SE     
  1. aCE Clear evidence, SE Some evidence, EE Equivocal evidence, NE No evidence: ba blank space indicates there is no positive finding in any study for this tumor in this sex/species