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Fig. 4

From: Assessment of developmental neurotoxicity induced by chemical mixtures using an adverse outcome pathway concept

Fig. 4

Analysis of cell viability upon treatments with single chemicals in hiPSC-derived NSCs undergoing differentiation. (a) hiPSC-derived NSCs were differentiated for 7 DIV, followed by 14 days treatment with different concentrations of individual chemicals. After 14 days (i.e., 21 DIV), resazurin test was performed (b-g). All samples were normalised to solvent control (0.1% DMSO, Ctr) at the respective time point. All chemicals were tested in 3 to 5 experimental replicates, considering 6 internal replicates for each concentration. After measurement, the normalised values were imported into GraphPad Prism, where a non-linear fit (sigmoidal dose-response (variable slope)) was performed in order to calculate the inhibitory concentration (IC) values reported in (b-g)

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