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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Maternal and fetal exposures to fluoride during mid-gestation among pregnant women in northern California

 Mean (SD)
Fluoride concentrations
 Water fluoride (mg/L)0.50 (0.33)
 Maternal urine fluoride (mg/L)0.63 (0.38)
 Maternal urine fluoride adjusted for SG (mg/L)0.63 (0.35)
 Maternal serum fluoride (mg/L)0.016 (0.014)
 Amniotic fluid fluoride (mg/L)0.017 (0.011)
 Gestational age at sample collection20.5 (2.1)
 Age25.7 (4.9)
 BMI28.0 (6.2)
 N (%)
 Latina9 (18.8)
 Black12 (25.0)
 White20 (41.7)
 Asian/Pacific Islander7 (14.6)
Educational attainment
 Less than high school3 (6.3)
 High school/GED21 (43.8)
 Some college17 (35.4)
 College grad or postgrad6 (12.5)
 Missing1 (2.1)
Smoked in the past year
 No14 (29.2)
 Yes34 (70.8)