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Fig. 7

From: A risk-based model to assess environmental justice and coronary heart disease burden from traffic-related air pollutants

Fig. 7

Risk-based estimate of CHD burden in EJ and non-EJ tracts in Allegheny County. Predicted annual cases of CHD mortality resulting from BC and NO2 exposure were calculated in each census tract in Allegheny County based on the pollutant exposure estimates, risk-based modelling, and total populations as described in Methods and Fig. 5. Overall, BC and NO2 were predicted to account for 49 and 46 CHD deaths, respectively, within the entire county. When divided into those estimated to occur in EJ tracts vs non-EJ regions, approximately 40% were represented in EJ tracts (38% for BC, a, 42% for NO2, b) despite the fact that the population of EJ tracts represents only 27% of the entire county population (c)

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