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Table 1 Relative incidence of EJ Census Tracts in Allegheny County, PA increase as a function of pollutant exposure
figure a

From: A risk-based model to assess environmental justice and coronary heart disease burden from traffic-related air pollutants

 Quartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4
Black Carbon12.0 (1.2–3.6)2.4 (1.4–4.1)3.6 (2.2–5.9)
NO215.7 (2.0–15.9)8.7 (3.2–23.5)18.5 (7.1–48.7)
  1. Data represent the fold-increases in the number of tracts meeting the criteria for EJ designation among the approximate 100 tracts represented in each quartile of increasing BC or NO2 exposure relative to the occurrence of EJ tracts in the lowest exposed quartile. Parentheses represent the 95% confidence interval for the determination