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Table 3 Prevalence of sensitization to specific inhalant allergens by cluster, NHANES 2005–2006

From: Endotoxin clustering with allergens in house dust and asthma outcomes in a U.S. national study

Sensitization to inhalant allergensCluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3P-valueAll participants
Any inhalant allergen43.844.243.10.7943.8
Any dust mite22.115.824.1< 0.00119.6
 Der f121.213.921.5< 0.00117.7
 Der p120.714.521.7< 0.00118.0
Any pet allergen14.916.614.90.5015.7
Any plant or grass allergen30.729.521.7< 0.00127.2
 Rye grass22.820.416.80.007819.7
 Bermuda grass16.816.612.50.004415.3
Any mold allergen10.311.010.90.8510.9
Alternaria alternata8.
Aspergillus fumigatus6.
Any rodent allergen1.
Cockroach allergen11.87.712.20.00279.9
  1. Abbreviations: Der f Dermatophagoides farinae; Der pDermatophagoides pteronyssinus. P-value for difference in prevalence between clusters calculated using chi-square test