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Table 5 Results of logistic regression with high cholesterol in the total exposed and recently exposed groups

From: Associations between perfluoroalkyl substances and serum lipids in a Swedish adult population with contaminated drinking water

 Total exposed groupRecently exposed group
Odd Ratio (95% CI)pOdd Ratio (95% CI)p
ln (PFOS)1.06 (0.96, 1.17)0.231.34 (1.09, 1.68)0.01
ln (PFHxS)1.05 (0.97, 1.15)0.211.29 (1.07, 1.57)0.01
ln (PFOA)1.08 (0.96, 1.21)0.231.35 (1.08, 1.70)0.01
ln (Sum PFASa)1.06 (0.96, 1.16)0.231.32 (1.08, 1.63)0.01
  1. Note: All estimates are from logistic regressions with high cholesterol (≥6.2 mmol/L) as outcome, and ln-transformed serum PFAS as continuous variables, adjusted for sex, age and BMI (in quartiles) in the total exposed group and recently exposed group. There are 1815 participants in the total exposed group with 397 of them having high cholesterol, and 1160 participants in the recently exposed group with 245 of them having high cholesterol
  2. aSum PFAS: Molar-weight adjusted sum of PFOS, PFHxS and PFOA