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Table 1 Sociodemographic profile of residents living within a 0.25 mile of four metal recycling facilities in the Metal Air Pollution Partnership Solutions (MAPPS) study, Houston, Texas [23]

From: Metal air pollution partnership solutions: building an academic-government-community-industry collaboration to improve air quality and health in environmental justice communities in Houston

CharacteristicMagnolia Park EastMagnolia Park WestFifth Ward/ NorthsideSouth ParkUSA average
% Minority99 (mostly Hispanic)92 (mostly Hispanic)92 (mostly Hispanic)100 (mostly Black)37
% Low incomea6067676635
% Linguistically isolatedb42522055
% < High school education5141513914
  1. a Low-income is defined as the percentage of a block group’s population in households where the household income is less than or equal to twice the federal poverty level
  2. b Linguistic isolation is percentage of people in households in which all members over age 14 years speak English less than “very well”