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Table 2 Annual ambient air pollutant concentrations of 17 cities in Hubei Province, China, 2006–2015

From: Associations of ambient air pollutants with regional pulmonary tuberculosis incidence in the central Chinese province of Hubei: a Bayesian spatial-temporal analysis

  1. Ambient air quality standards set by Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the people’s Republic of China [27]
  2. PM10 ≤ 70 μg/m3 (annual), NO2 ≤ 40 μg/m3 (annual), SO2 ≤ 60 μg/m3 (annual)
  3. PM10, particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter of ≤10 μm; SO2, sulfur dioxide; NO2, nitrogen dioxide; SD, standard deviation; Min, minimum; Max, maximum; 5%, IQR, interquartile rang