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Table 4 Every 10 μg/m3 increase in ambient air pollutant concentration on PTB incidence by spatial-temporal interactive model

From: Associations of ambient air pollutants with regional pulmonary tuberculosis incidence in the central Chinese province of Hubei: a Bayesian spatial-temporal analysis

RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
Stratified by gender
Stratified by age
  < 15 years1.0181.007–1.0301.0221.008–1.0360.9980.979–1.019
 15–59 years0.9880.964–1.0111.0641.050–1.0781.0100.989–1.022
  ≥ 60 years1.0060.993–1.0351.0181.010–1.0271.0050.980–1.031
  1. Abbreviations: CI Credible interval; PTB Pulmonary tuberculosis; PM10 Particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter of ≤10 μm; SO2 Sulfur dioxide; NO2 Nitrogen dioxide; RR Relative risk