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Table 1 Description of neuropsychological test battery

From: Reduced neurobehavioral functioning in agricultural workers and rural inhabitants exposed to pesticides in northern Chile and its association with blood biomarkers inhibition

Function Neuropsychological test Aim Normal cut-off score
General mental status MMSE Estimate the severity and progression of cognitive impairment >24 Rs
Memory Logical memory I and II (WMS III) Short and long-term narrative memory assessed with recognition task ≥7 Rs
Digits span forward Auditory short-term memory ≥5 Rs
ROCF memory Visual memory ≥16 Rs
1036 A-B and A-B recall Brief assessment of short-term and long-term visual memory >20 Rs; >6 recall Rs
Language WAIS subtest vocabulary Semantic knowledge and verbal concept formation ≥32 Rs
Attention WAIS digits span backward Assess attention span ≥4 Rs
d2 test Evaluate the ability of selective and sustained attention ≥Pc 15
Stroop word-colour and inhibitory control tests Evaluate the ability of divided attention and resistance to interference >35 Rs; ≥-10 Rs
Trail making test A Evaluate sustained visual attention, sequencing, mental flexibility, visual tracking, and graph motor skills ≥30 ts
WAIS symbols Processing speed >9 Rs
Constructive Praxis ROCF copy Visual-constructional ability >26 Rs
WAIS subtest block design Evaluate the ability of visuospatial organization ≥28 Rs
Executive Functions Tower of London movements and time resolution tests Assess the ability of executive planning ≥2 Rs; <31 Rs
WCST perseverative errors Assess the capacity of executive function, especially mental flexibility >40 Rs
Barcelona test categorical evocation animals and words Assess the accessibility and evocation of lexical and semantic store ≥15 Rs; ≥23 Rs
Psychomotricity Purdue pegboard test (4 subtest) Manual dexterity and bimanual coordination >Pc15
MOART reaction time (2 subtest) Go/No Go reaction paradigm ≤180 ms
MOART finger tapping test (2 subtest) Motor speed and lateralized coordination ≤50 right hand; ≤45 left hand
Mood Status BDI-II depression inventory Measure severity of depression ≤18 Rs
Hamilton anxiety scale Determine the presence of symptoms associated with anxiety disorders ≤14 Rs
  1. Rs raw score, ts t-score, Pc percentile, ms milliseconds