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Table 3 The significant adjusted associations between long-term exposure windows to temperature with metabolomics (multi-pollutant models) at ENT95% significance level

From: Metabolomic signatures of the long-term exposure to air pollution and temperature

Biochemical Super-Pathway Sub-Pathway Beta (SE) for individual metabolites P-value for individual metabolites ICA_factor2 Weight ICA_factor2 Rank
Heptanoate (7:0) Lipid Medium Chain Fatty Acid −0.209 (0.039) 1.87E-07 −0.282 104
Inosine Nucleotide Purine Metabolism, (Hypo)Xanthine/Inosine containing −0.368 (0.083) 1.71E-05 0.892 1
Guanosine Nucleotide Purine Metabolism, Guanine containing −0.348 (0.071) 2.23E-06 0.329 78
X - 24,970 Un-identified 0.34 (0.057) 1.50E-08 0.360 63
X - 24,431 Un-identified 0.215 (0.05) 2.91E-05 0.160 190
X - 23,636 Un-identified 0.161 (0.026) 5.00E-09 0.141 214
  1. These models were linear mixed-effect regression models (LMEM) with random participant-specific intercepts and simultaneously adjusted for PM2.5, NO2, O3, and temperature (multi-pollutant models) for the same exposure window
  2. Beta (SE) and p-values presented are from individual metabolites analysis
  3. All models were adjusted for age (years), body mass index (kg/m2), cigarette pack-years, alcohol intake (< or ≥ 2 drinks per day), socioeconomic status (income payment and years of education), season (warm/cold), and relative humidity
  4. Significant metabolites at ENT95% significance level only are presented
  5. ICA_factor2 rank represents the rank of the corresponding metabolite contributing to factor 2 from the independent component analysis (ICA). Higher rank (and higher weights) means higher contribution to factor 2 of the ICA. We show alongside the weights and ranks of each metabolite that contributes to factor 2 from the ICA only because it was the only significant factor
  6. Range of facto2- ICA rank is from 1 to 1158 i.e., number of examined metabolites. Range of facto2- ICA weight is from −1 to 1
  7. The metabolites with an X-XXXX format are unknown (to date Metabolon has not been able to name the metabolite) but reproducible (Metabolon is reliably able to characterize this metabolite in multiple samples and studies)
  8. Abbreviations: ENT Effective/independent number of tests, PM2.5 Particulate matter ≤2.5 μm, NO2 Nitrogen dioxide, and O3 Ozone, ICA Independent component analysis, SE Standard error, NS Not significant at the ENT95% level