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Table 2 Daily PM2.5 characteristics for mortality days and referent days

From: Mortality associated with wildfire smoke exposure in Washington state, 2006–2017: a case-crossover study

Number of exposure grid cells10,106
Average number of wildfire smoke days per grid cell per year13.1 (SD: 10.8)
CharacteristicPM2.5 (μg/m3) Mean (SD)
Event days (day of death)6.38 (9.28)
Referent days6.35 (9.11)
Characteristic% Wildfire smoke days
Event days (day of death)5.78
Referent days5.73
Exposure metricPM2.5 (μg/m3) Mean (SD)Humidex Mean (SD)
Wildfire Smoke days26.4 (31.9)29.9 (5.53)
Non-Wildfire Smoke days4.67 (2.53)24.9 (6.03)