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Table 2 Association of individual habits and characteristics with β-HCH haematic concentration (ng/g lipid)

From: Predictors of Beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane blood levels among people living close to a chemical plant and an illegal dumping site

Age class (years)
 > =70518.510.00.0006.6515.1
Breast feeding (if occurred in the last 15 years, limited to women aged between 19 and 59 yrs)
Eating local/own production food
Drinking water from private wells
Washing with water from private wells
  1. aGMR Geometric mean ratio
  2. bBMI categorization:
  3. Normal/underweight: < 25 kg/sm
  4. Overweight: 25–29 kg/sm
  5. Obese: > = 30 kg/sm
  6. Standard errors were corrected to account for correlation between subjects nested in families (sandwich estimators)