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Table 1 Average weekly values across the study period for outcome and predictor variables, Lima-Peru, 2011–2015

From: Association of PM2.5 concentration with health center outpatient visits for respiratory diseases of children under 5 years old in Lima, Peru

Health center outpatients visitsnWeekly MeanSEMinMax
ALRI < 2 m136.17312.315.70.0154.0
ALRI 2-11 m780.73370.780.00.0543.0
ALRI 1-4a1737.793157.3170.70.01305.0
PNEU 2-11 m6.4440.
PNEU 1-4a12.2231.
Acute bronchiolitis /Asthma < 2a242.65722.029.70.0309.0
Acute bronchiolitis /Asthma 2-4a183.41516.622.20.0223.0
PM2.5 (μg/m3)
Relative Humidity (%) 72.913.640.395.2
  1. SE standard error, ALRI acute lower respiratory infections, PNEU pneumonia