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Table 1 Overview of relevant stakeholders from the food contact and circular economy domains. Inter-governmental organizations could convene these stakeholders from different backgrounds and initiate topical discussions on the issues detailed in Table 2

From: Impacts of food contact chemicals on human health: a consensus statement

Stakeholder groupDescription
Intergovernmental organizationStaff and expert working groups of the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Environment Programme, etc.
RegulatoryGlobal government officials and regulatory authority experts in the areas of food contact and circular economy
EnforcementEnforcement officers
Risk assessmentExperts in government agencies, third-party labs, industry and international working groups
Packaging and product designExperts designing and developing new “sustainable packaging” or business models for food products in circular economies
Global food productionMultinational food (processing) industry experts and decision makers
Local food productionFarmers and primary producers, hospitality sector representatives
RetailDecision makers and experts on distribution of locally and globally produced foods
Food packaging manufacturingChemical manufacturers (polymers, additives), converters, packaging manufacturers and their supply chains
Food contact article manufacturingChemical manufacturers, food processing equipment manufacturers, kitchen- and tableware manufacturers, other food contact article producers and their supply chains
Waste managementGovernment officials, industry experts and providers
Civil societyEnvironmental and health NGOs, consumer advocacy groups, food movements
ScienceAcademics, researchers in industry, governments, and NGOs, independent scientific consultants