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Table 2 Percent change (95% CI) in HOMA-IR or HOMA-β per IQR increment in toenail or water arsenic concentrationa

From: Arsenic exposure during pregnancy and postpartum maternal glucose tolerance: evidence from Bangladesh

Toenail Arsenic 0.13 (−3.07, 3.43)
Water Arsenic 0.33 (−0.81, 1.47)
Toenail Arsenic −0.89 (−3.76, 2.06)
Water Arsenic −0.07 (−1.09, 0.96)
  1. aAdjusted for neural tube defect (NTD) group, age, betel nut use, education, spouse occupation, rice intake, fish intake, and blood draw characteristics (hours fasting and months postpartum)