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Table 1 Tiers and domains: description, sources and examples

From: What is the carbon footprint of primary care practices? A retrospective life-cycle analysis in Switzerland

LCA Tiers Domain Number of items listed Examples of items Type Data sources
1 Medical equipment 39 Stethoscope, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, scales, examination bed, needle, syringe, flashlight, saturometer, otoscope, ECG and x-ray devices Medical Practice inventory
1 Non-medical equipment 20 Computer, printer, desk, chair, table Support Practice inventory
1 Medical consumables 57 Bandage, compress, disinfectant, gloves, mask, tongue depressor, scalpel, swab test Medical Invoicing and billing
1 Non-medical consumables 15 Ink, toner, battery, paper, paper towels, plastic cups Support Invoicing and billing
1 Waste   General (non-recyclable) waste, paper, plastic, glass, hazardous waste Support Invoicing and billing, staff observation
1 Staff mobility   Number of staff, mode of transportation, time and distance to the practice or to training place Support Survey
2 Patient mobility   Mode of transportation, time and distance to the practice Support Survey
3 Courier mobility   Means of transport, journey type, location of dispatch centre Medical Invoicing and billing
1 Internal laboratory analyses   Equipment characteristics, usage patterns, number and types of analyses Medical Practice inventory, invoicing and billing
3 External laboratory analyses   Number and types of analyses, details of external laboratories commissioned Medical Invoicing and billing
1 Infrastructure   Surface area, date of founding, heating-system; type and consumption, running water consumption Support Invoicing and billing
1 Electricity   Electricity consumption and source (renewable or not), included energy consumption of in-house computer server, and x-ray device if present Support Invoicing and billing
  1. Note: LCA : Lifecycle analysis
  2. Tier 1: Practice activities GHG emission
  3. Tier 2: Patient transport GHG emission
  4. Tier 3: External stakeholder activities