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Table 4 Longitudinal Mixed Effects Model results for estimates of hair Hg concentrations from 1970 to 1997 with respect to the median of the cluster score

From: Past mercury exposure and current symptoms of nervous system dysfunction in adults of a First Nation community (Canada)

Composite cluster variable a, b Hair Hg Estimatec % Confidence Interval p -value
Cluster1 (Extrapyramidal impairment) 1.76 0.0–3.6 0.061
Cluster2 (Sensory impairment) 1.57 −2.7 - 3.4 0.096
Cluster3 (Cranial nerve disturbances) 2.60 1.0–4.2 0.001
Cluster4 (Gross motor impairment) 2.70 0.4–5.1 0.023
Cluster5 (Neuro-cognitive deficits) 2.41 0.6–4.2 0.009
Cluster6 (Affect/Mood disorders) −0.33 −0.3 - 1.0 0.758
  1. aOnly participants with 10 measurements and more of hair Hg are included in the analyses (32 persons; 447 Hair Hg measurements)
  2. bSignificant covariates include age, sex, year of sampling (random effect: age of sampling nested in year of sampling)
  3. cHair Hg estimates represent the difference in hair Hg with respect to cluster scores above and below the median over the sampling period