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Table 5 Main effects of SNPs with unadjusted p-value ≤0.1

From: Ambient pollutants, polymorphisms associated with microRNA processing and adhesion molecules: the Normative Aging Study

  homozygous carriers/common allele carriers % change 95%CI p-value
rs13078 21/677 10.0 (-0.1, 21.1) 0.05
rs910925 116/604 6.3 (0.6, 12.3) 0.03
rs7813 116/597 6.1 (0.4, 12.1) 0.04
  1. †unadjusted p-values are reported here. No SNPs identified in main effects analysis were statistically significant at the 0.05 level in models adjusted for multiple testing. models adjusted for education (≤12 years, 13-16 years, >16 years), ≥2 alcoholic drinks per day, age at first adhesion molecule measurement, time since first measurement, body mass index (BMI), diabetes or fasting glucose >126 mg/dL, smoking status, pack-years smoked, hypertension medication use (yes/no), statin use, apparent temperature, seasonality (sine and cosine of month), CRP >10 mg/L.