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Environmental Health

Featured research

Lung cancer mortality of residents living near petrochemical industrial complexes: a meta-analysis

Cheng-Kuan Lin, Huei-Yang Hung, David C. Christiani, Francesco Forastiere and Ro-Ting Lin

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Featured review

Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture: a comprehensive review

Axel Mie et al. review the research surrounding organic foodstuffs, and assess the benefits and limitations of using an organic diet to combat a variety of human health problems.

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Philippe Grandjean, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

David Ozonoff, Boston University School of Public Health, USA

Aims and scope

Environmental Health publishes manuscripts on all aspects of environmental and occupational medicine and related studies in toxicology and epidemiology.

The journal is aimed at scientists and practitioners in all areas of environmental science where human health and well-being are involved, either directly or indirectly. Environmental Health is a public health journal serving the public health community and scientists working on matters of public health interest and importance pertaining to the environment.

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