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Table 1 Baseline occupant and household characteristics of a simulated population of low-income asthmatic children

From: The effects of indoor environmental exposures on pediatric asthma: a discrete event simulation model

Occupant characteristics  Simulated population values
Gender 50% male
Age 6-17, uniformly distributed
Race [34] 49% White
  25% African American
  15% Latino
  11% Asian
Own a gas stove[102] 89%
Use the stove for supplemental heating in winter [32] 38%, assuming that supplemental heat was turned on only on days when the 24-hour average outdoor temperature was below 32°F
Below average housekeeping (vs. average or above average housekeeping) a[39] 25%
Current smoker in the house[33] 34%
Among smokers, % heavy vs. light smoker b 50%
Housing characteristics  
Apartment level (upper 4th floor/lower 1st floor) 50%
Leakiness category c I 20%
[19] II 50%
III 30%
Functioning kitchen and bathroom fan [102] 13%
Houses with holes in walls/ceiling [39] 73%
  1. a Housekeeping = degree of cleanliness and clutter in the apartment, based on visual inspection.
  2. b Heavy smoker smoked one pack per day, light smoker smoked a ½ pack per day.
  3. c Leaky categories based on wall infiltration rate, where category I, II, and III had infiltration values of 0.0177, 0.053, and 0.0722 in2/ft2 respectively.