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Archived Comments for: Chronologically matched toenail-Hg to hair-Hg ratio: temporal analysis within the Japanese community (U.S.)

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  1. Revision

    Koenraad Mariën, Washington State Department of Health (United States)

    8 January 2013

    The authors have revised the author contributions to read: TH proposed the collection of toenails to permit the chronological comparison for Hg in toenail and head hair, conducted the toenail-Hg and hair-Hg analyses, and provided the Supplemental Material. AT was a significant contributor to almost all aspects of this project involving the Korean and Japanese populations. AMIBS would not have been as successful without her. AS aided in writing the manuscript. TMB contributed significantly to study design and data interpretation. EM aided in the writing of the manuscript and contributed to the acquisition of the data. All authors contributed substantially to the discussion of the data and their analyses, and provided editorial comments to the draft manuscript.

    Competing interests

    None declared