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Table 1 Areas of expert expertise

From: Policy relevant results from an expert elicitation on the health risks of phthalates

  No of resp Q1 No of resp Q2
EM: Evironmental chemistry/biomonitoring 4 2
EX: Exposure assessment 2 2
HB: Toxicokinetics, uptake, accumulation, metabolism 3 2
HB: Toxicology, effect studies 12 3
Risk assessment activities 6 2
  1. Self-reported area of expertise for the experts responding to Q1 and Q2. Numbers of experts with expertise in the different fields of phthalates are given for the two different questionnaires. Note that many experts reported expertise in more fields and therefore the sum of respondents in the table is higher than the actual number of experts responding to the questionnaires. EM=Environmental matrix, EX=Exposure, HB=Human Body.