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Table 1 Characteristics and methods used in the evaluated meta-analysis papers

From: Environmental risk factors of pregnancy outcomes: a summary of recent meta-analyses of epidemiological studies

Study N studies included N subjects Databases Followed guidelines MOOSE Quality rating Cochran Q I2 Random/fixed Funnel plot Egger test Blegg’s Sensitity analyses
Environmental tobacco smoke             
Leonardi-Bee et al. 2008 [18] 58   MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, LILACS yes yes   yes Random     yes
Salamasi et al. 2010 [19] 76 139 K Medline, EMBASE, reference lists yes yes   yes Random yes    yes
Leonardi-Bee et al. 2011 [20] 19   MEDLINE, EMBASE yes yes   yes Random yes    yes
Outdoor air pollution             
Sapkota et al. 2010 [16] 20 Up to 1.9 M ISI Web of Knowledge, PubMed    yes yes both   yes yes yes
Vrijheid et 2011 [21] 10 Up to 5.4 M MEDLINE ISI Web of Science    yes   both   yes   yes
Indoor air pollution             
Pope et al. 2010 [22] 8/4 18 K/34 K MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane Controlled Trials Register Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literaturee, Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Information System, System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, Index to Conference Proceedings, PASCAL   yes yes yes both yes yes yes yes
Water contaminants             
Hwang et al. 2008 [23] 6 Up to 3.3 M PubMed    yes   both     yes
Nieuwenhuijsen et al. 2009 [24] 15 Up to 3.6 M PubMed Review articles    yes   both yes yes   yes
Grellier et al. 2010 [25] 15 Up to 1.6 M MEDLINE yes no yes   both yes yes   yes
Nieuwenhuijsen et al. 2010 [17] 5   MEDLINE          
Govarts et al. 2012 [26] 12 8 K European birth cohorts    yes   both     yes
Logman et al. 2005 [27] 6 384 K MEDLINE Toxline, Reprotox, EMBASE   yes yes   both yes yes   
Romitti et al. 2007 [28] 7/5 3.5 K/64 K MEDLINE      Random     yes
Rocheleau et al. 2009 [29] 9 376 K PubMed      Random     yes
Ngo et al. 2006 [30] 22 196 K MEDLINE, EMBASE    yes yes both yes yes   yes
Ngo et al. 2010 [31] 7 135 K MEDLINE, EMBASE   no yes yes both yes yes   yes