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Table 1 The major disease groups in children of Czech ethnicity from birth to age of 5

From: Comparison of child morbidity in regions of Ostrava, Czech Republic, with different degrees of pollution: a retrospective cohort study

Group of diseases ICD-10 codes Frequency of dg % of total
Pneumonia J12, J14-16, J18 202 0.7
Otitis media H65-67, H92 961 3.5
Intestinal infectious diseases A02-04, A08-09 1,274 4.7
Acute laryngitis and tracheitis J04 1,722 6.3
Viral illnesses B15, B18, B24-27, B34 1,898 6.9
Acute tonsillitis J03 2,092 7.6
Acute bronchitis J20-21, J40 2,214 8.1
Upper respiratory infections J00-J02, J06 12,964 47.4
All diagnoses of acute illnesses   27,368 100.0