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Table 7 Glossary of methods with implementation software

From: Statistical strategies for constructing health risk models with multiple pollutants and their interactions: possible choices and comparisons

Method Reference type Reference Software
Bayesian model averaging (BMA) Theory Madigan and Raftery, 1994 [58] bma package in R
Application Koop and Tole, 2004 [45]
Deletion/Substitution/Addition (DSA) Theory Sinisi and van der Laan, 2004 [32] dsa package in R
Application Mortimer et al., 2008 [33]
Least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) Theory Tibshirani, 1996 [53]; lars package in R
Efron et al., 2004 [54]
Application Roberts and Martin, 2005 [42]
Partial least-square regression (PLSR) Theory Hoeskuldsson, 1988 [40] pls package in R
Application N/A
Supervised principal component analysis (SPCA) Theory Bair et al., 2006 [52] N/A
Application Roberts and Martin, 2006 [38]
Classification and regression tree (CART) Theory Breiman et al., 1984 [48] rpart package in R
  Application Hu et al., 2008 [31]