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Figure 8

From: Chemicals having estrogenic activity can be released from some bisphenol a-free, hard and clear, thermoplastic resins

Figure 8

Exposure to natural sunlight increases probability of release of chemicals having EA from Tritan™ resins. EA of ethanol extracts of Tritan™ resin plaques that were not exposed (N CTL) or exposed to sunlight for up to 14 days. Values for EA were determined using the MCF7 assay. The dotted line in the panel equals 15%RME2, a value that is significantly (p <0.01, Students T-test) greater than the vehicle control for each assay (i.e., intra-assay triplicate values). For inter-assay comparisons using Chi-Squared analyses (See Methods), plaques having EA equal to or greater than 15%RME2 were defined as exhibiting significant levels of EA; plaques having EA less than 15%RME2 were defined as not exhibiting significant lecvels of EA. That is, the EA of these plaques was treated as a yes/no categorization. Most resins were extracted using 50% EtOH as the solvent; four resins (indicated by a black asterisk) were extracted using 100% EtOH as a solvent.

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