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Table 1 Search conditions and criteria for study selection

From: Arsenic in drinking water and urinary tract cancers: a systematic review of 30 years of epidemiological evidence

Search conditions Study selection
((arsenic) AND ("bladder cancer*" OR "kidney cancer*" OR "urinary tract cancer*" OR "upper urinary tract cancer*" OR "urinary tract cancer*" OR "urologic neoplasm*" OR "cancer*, urinary tract" OR "kidney neoplasm*" OR "carcinoma, renal cell*" OR "urinary bladder neoplasm*" OR "urinary tract disease*" OR "kidney tumour*" OR "bladder tumour*" OR "bladder tumor*"OR "kidney tumor*" OR renal cell* carcinoma” OR "bladder neoplasms") AND ("water" OR "drinking water" OR "water supply" OR "toenail" OR "urine" OR "well water") 1. Arsenic in drinking water, toenail or urine, as exposure of primary interest.
2. Urinary tract cancers incidence and mortality as primary outcome.
3. Original study that published the data.
4. Relative risk estimates, measures of variability (i.e., confidence intervals) documented.
5. Epidemiological study designs, including ecological, case-control or cohort study.
  6. English language publications.
  1. The wildcard (*) was used to identify any other characters.