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Table 4 Odds ratio for the self reported symptoms among farmers (n = 90) as compared to controls (n = 90) in the past month

From: Pesticide use, erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase level and self-reported acute intoxication symptoms among vegetable farmers in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Symptoms OR (95% CI)
Nausea 3.10(1.01-9.55)
Blurred vision 7.25(2.65-19.80)
Dizziness 3.54(1.18-10.56)
Skin Allergy 1.77(0.70-4.42)
Muscle cramps 3.36(1.33-8.51)
Headache 5.03(1.82-13.85)
Trembling hands 2.49(0.78-8.03)
Extreme tiredness 2.58(1.10-6.07)
Abdominal pain 1.86(0.53-6.45)
Loss of appetite 1.74(0.48-6.28)
Lack of coordination 6.27(1.64-23.99)
Excessive sweating 3.32(1.27-8.69)
Dry mouth 5.06(1.72-14.86)
  1. Note: Adjusted for age, body mass index and literacy. Not included in analysis: salivation, breathing difficulties, vomiting and speak difficulties because of few values in each cells.