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Figure 2

From: Associations between air pollution and perceived stress: the Veterans Administration Normative Aging Study

Figure 2

Adjusted difference in PSS score per interquartile range increase in moving average air pollution exposure measured from stationary monitors in warm and cold seasons. Associations were estimated in linear mixed effect regression with random intercept for participant after adjustment for seasonality, weekday of visit, 24-hour mean apparent temperature, age, race, years of education, use of anti-depressant medication, and physical activity. Associations for warm (April-September) and cold (October-March) seasons are estimated from interactions between warm/cold season and moving average exposure. Abbreviations: PSS – 14-item Perceived Stress Scale; PM2.5 –particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of <2.5 μm; BC – black carbon; NO2 – nitrogen dioxide; O3 – ozone; PNC – particle number counts; SO42- - sulfate.

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